Product Details

Superior Color Performance

Dynamic Light Control Enables 100,000:1 Contrast

Direct control over light source output from projector to achieve faster responding speed

Coverage Beyond Rec.709. Precise Color Rendition. Higher Stability

Color brightness is a key indicator to determine the performance of displays. Lower the color brightness, lower color reproduc- ing capability a projector will have under the same brightness. It provides an important standard for consumers to evaluate the color performance of their projectors .

Others (Deviated from Rec.709)
‘’Orange red’’
Appotronics (100% coverage of Rec.709)
Perfect color reproduction

Red Color Ratio Exceeds 10%

The red ratio of most DLP laser projectors stays poorly at around 7%. Resulted in gloomy red color reproduction. Appotronics installation projectors have over 16% red ratio which exceeds TI’ s standard of color ratio recommendation.

TI Color Ratios Recommendation
Red Color Ratios=6-7%

Higher color brightness, better picture performance on the 1 DLP platform.

Appotronics installation projectors maintains precise coverage of Rec 709 while yielding much higher color brightness compared to competitors.

Easy to Install

Optional Lenses

5 optional lens can adapt to all kinds of installation environments. All lens have powered large scale vertical and horizontal

Throw ratio 0.62 – 7.96 5 optional lenses

Wide-range Powered Lens Shift

Wide range of powered lens shift (Vertical +100%, Horizontal +40%). Powered lens shift/zoom/focus.

Built-in Geometric Correction and Edgeblending

Advanced geometric correction enables projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other non-flat surfaces.

All Products Support 3D-sync

3D-sync to support infrared 3D and DLP-Link 3D.

Light Weight Design

All-new light weight design has cut the weight of the system for over 20lbs.

Color/Brightness Uniformity Across Multiple Screens

Adjustable driver current on all color segments to insure color uniformity under white field under any grey level.

Before correction
After correction

Built-in Geometric Correction and Wrapping

Advanced geometric correction enables projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other non-flat surfaces.

360° Installation

Projector can be oriented in any position, 360° in both horizontal and vertical axes.

Rich 1/0 with HDBaseT as Standard

Rich array of input/output connection types, including HDMI, DVI, 5BNC and others.

Cinema Level Reliability

All-sealed light engine,dust-free structure.

ALPD® is a proven technology in mission-critical situations,
including digital cinemas and command centers.

The 1st 200001m DCI ALPD® cinema projector was put in service July 10th, 2014 and has amassed more than 6 years of use since.

ALPD® Laser is an environmentally friendly, mercury-free technology.

Compared to traditional projector lamps. ALPD® laser light source manufacture is completely heavy metal-free throughout production process, with no waste water and air pollution emitted

Patented Inner Loop Color Wheel Cooling System

Efficient control over the working temperature of the color wheel and motors provides higher stability and longer life span.

Technical Specifications

Display TechnologyDLP™x1, DLP™ Projection System
Resolution1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA
Brightness Output 19,000 Im
Light Source TypeALPD® Laser (Laser type: Class 1)
Life Source Lifetime 620,000h (Standard Mode)
Contrast 2100,000 : 1
Display GamutREC.709
Edge BlendingHoritonal & Vertical Edge Blending
Standard Lens1.23-1.97:1
Optional Lenses0.62:1, 0.8:1, 1.62-2.96:1, 2.86-4.85:1 4.68-7.96:1
Screen Size40’’ 〜 300’’
KeystoneVertical/Horizontal ±20°
Optical Axis ShiftVertical ±100%, Horizontal ±40%, powered
Input Resolution1,920 x 1,200 pixels (higher resolution will be scaled to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels)
I/ODVI x 1 / HDMI x 1 / DP x 1 / VGA x 1 / BNC x 5 / SDI x 1 / 3D SYNC x 2 (in/out) / Wired Remote M3 x 2 (in/out) / HDbaseT X 1 (compatible with RJ45) / RS232 x 2 (in/out) / USB x 1 / IR 3D OUT x 1
Power Supply100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Standard Power Consumption650W
Stand-by Power ConsumptionPower saving 0.5W / Stand by 7W
Noise35dB (ECO)/39dB (Standard)
Structure Measurements 317.9″ x 17.9″ x 7″
Structure Weight 437 lbs
Structure Temperature 532°F〜104°F (95°F〜104°F Eco Mode)
Structure Humidity20%〜80% (no condensation)
AccessoriesPower cable x 1, wireless/wired remote control unit, remote control, software CD-ROM
  1. Based on ISO21118 standard.
  2. Full white/full black.
  3. Not including protruding parts.
  4. Including standard lens. Average value.
  5. Operation temperature will be set to 32°F〜95°F when working under High Altitude Mode. Output of projector will be reduced to 50% if ambient temperature exceeds 95°F.
  6. The output of the projector will have decreased by approximately 50% around this time. Data from accelerated lab simulations. Actual time may vary according to the operating modes, environment and other user behaviors.


  • Appotronics F Series Tech Spec


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