What is ALPD®?

This is the core technology that high brightness image displays rely on. ALPD®, is the abbreviation of Advanced Laser Phosphor Display and is the fluorescent laser technology widely used in laser projectors. It's used for image display based on the laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines.


Appotronics currently holds over 1450 global patents

Appotronics currently holds over 1450 global patents in China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Europe.


The global initiative

Appotronics has continued to make improvements in ALPD technology to bring its technology to larger audiences and markets, improving on making its design lighter, more energy efficient and reliable. Its advances technology are currently being used in over 20000 theaters across the globe with aims to continue to expand in traditional and non-traditional markets.


Quoted in over 400 publications

The advancements in ALPD technology have resulted in quotes in over 400 publications and its services used by both foreign and domestic companies and industries

What are the benefits of using phosphor and laser?


Improve performance

No speckle
Wide spectrum
High efficiency
Excellent thermal stability
Robust materials
Blue laser


Reduce cost

Phosphor is less expensive
than Red or Green lasers

The ALPD® Technology

There are many advantages of using both elements. Not only are pictures brighter and clearer, ALPD technology allows it to enhance product life and reduce the machine's overall size. ALPD® resolved the backend problems encountered in laser display technology in a revolutionary way and continues to push boundaries.

Continous improvement of ALPD®

Over a decade of research and development have been invested in their patented technology. Appotronics has consistently upgraded technologies from the ALPD®1.0 to ALPD®4.0 series, which not only brings high brightness, good color reproduction and no speckle advantages, but also improves the overall quality of technology and its various uses in the industry by companies such as Sony and Texas Instruments have continued to increase. Its products are mainly used in laser movie screening, trade, and laser TV’s among others. Appotronics has created the technical systems which are the bases for projection techniques and they continue to innovate in the laser projector industry.

  1. In 2007, it pioneered the subversive ALPD® laser display technology, and registered the ALPD® basic patent in both the American and Chinese Patent Offices
  2. Successfully launched ALPD®1.0, this model has been used for rear projection video walls.
  3. Uses a combination of phosphor and laser advantages
  4. An efficient structure design
  1. Developed in 2012, for laser TV product development
  2. High brightness
  3. Visual safety design
  4. Same light path, good uniformity
  1. Developed in 2015, mainly based on red and blue two-color laser + Phosphor technology, developed for cinemas
  2. Light source efficiency increased by 20%
  3. DCI P3 color gamut
  4. 100% color brightness
  1. Developed in 2018, Phosphor + laser solution, for the ultimate viewing effect
  2. Larger color gamut (color gamut value reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020)
  3. Higher contrast ( reach cinema standards 3000:1)
  4. Higher light efficiency (30% more efficient than ALPD 3.0 generation products)

Advantages of ALPD® Technology


High light efficiency· environmental protection and energy saving capabilities

The overall light efficiency of the ALPD® digital projector is much higher than other light sources.


High brightness

High light efficiency determines high brightness, with ALPD® technology, the brightness is up to 55, 000lm, thereby maintaining a leading position in the world.


Wide color gamut use

Phosphor + laser, the color performance reaches DCI cinema levels of standard, and the maximum color gamut reaches 98.5% of Rec.2020


High light utilization

High light utilization, high contrast 3000: 1, images reach cinema level standards.


High reliability

Maintained through aging tests, dust proof tests (verified\certified to be IP5X dustproof rating), heat dissipation tests, structural strength tests, high temperature and high humidity and other experimental tests.

Market Coverage

Appotronics invented and patented a new light source technology, and transformed the technology into products and brought them into people's everyday lives, opening up a larger possible horizon for its applications for everyone. Striving to live up to the motto of New Light New Life, Appotronics always adheres to the passion of changing human life to realize the ideal and ambition of "new light source and new life". ALPD gives a brightness of 55,000 lumens, which is much higher than the 2000 lumens of the LED projector.


Film market

Movie making, and the film industry are markets which we work closely with. The end goal is always to provide the best quality images for viewers. Apppotronics seeks to go beyond the current 20000 theaters which use its technology to keep entertaining the masses and see its technology used in festivals and non traditional uses of laser projection.


Commercial market

Commercial markets continue to be explored as projection technology has far reaching applications that is only starting to use its full potential. Organizations and businesses are using ALPD projectors for events and conferences across the globe with our global partners.


Household market

As families look to make their homes and personal space their own private oasis and recreate new family traditions both indoors and outdoors the projection technology that Appotronics is spearheading provides the ability to take entertainment wherever the family wants to go with it. Small spaces can be transformed into personal cinema rooms or patios into drive-in theaters, the applications are limitless.


Education market

The uses and implications of projection technology in the classroom can truly take the classroom well into the 21st century and stimulate students with easily accessible technology that will fit into the budgets of schools and school districts. Appotronics ALPD projectors are specifically designed for small spaces to provide cinema level image reliability.

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Always be the first to know.


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